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Be Komplete with the ultimate music production company for professionals

Komplete Records 
Is an exclusive subscription-only music  production company 


We care about what you care about... being Komplete

Are you a talented musician or singer looking for a music production company that can take your music to the next level? Do you want to work with a team of experts who can help you craft your sound, polish your tracks, and advise you how to promote your music to the right audience? Do you want to join an exclusive community of artists who share your passion and vision?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be a good fit for Komplete Records. Komplete Records is a new professional-only music production company that works on an exclusive subscription-only model. Unlike other music production companies that offer generic services to anyone who pays, Komplete Records only works with artists who qualify to be good enough to work with them.

How do you qualify? You need to submit a demo of your original music and pass a rigorous screening process that evaluates your talent, creativity, and potential. Only the best of the best will be accepted into Komplete Records.


What do you get when you join Komplete Records? You get access to a state-of-the-art studio, cutting-edge equipment, and a team of experienced producers, engineers, and marketers who will work with you to create your masterpiece. You also get to collaborate with other Komplete artists who can inspire you, challenge you, and support you. You get to be part of a brand that stands for quality, excellence, and innovation.

Komplete Records is not for everyone. It is for those who are serious about their music and want to make meaningful music. It is for those who are willing to invest in themselves and their craft. It is for those who are ready to be Komplete.

Are you one of them? If so, apply now and see if you have what it takes to join Komplete Records. The ultimate music production company for professionals.

Join the wait list below and be ready to tell us why you want to be Komplete.

"Komplete records is not for everyone"

Subscription Levels

Komplete Records has created a range of packages to suit all professional budgets from the beginner to the corporate client.

Music Equipment

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